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Story missions follow the central story of Star Traders Frontiers and are available to all Captains in all games during their given Eras. Though part of the core story, they are still an entirely optional part of the game and are not necessary for moving the Eras of the story forward. They can be picked up in each era regardless of earlier decisions. Some story missions follow a more prescribed arc, with each mission being scripted. Others follow a looser system where X number of certain regular mission types are required. There are also Story Vignettes which are mostly unrelated to the central story and do not automatically appear for all captains.


Compelling Passenger

Arbiter Neutrality

Political Crusade

Valencia Faen Story Arc

Zette Faen Story Arc

Erik Faen Story Arc

Blood Feud Missions

Advocating Amendments Missions

Coalition Foundation Missions

Seeking a Cure Missions