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Icon job sniper.png
Type Fighter
Acquisition Contacts
Primary Skill Rifles
Secondary Skill Stealth
Tertiary Skill Evasion

Specializing in long range combat, a Sniper employs powerful rifles to focus on single-shot kill or crippling attacks. Snipers often rely on stealth to take advantageous positions during battle.


As a character advances in the Sniper Job, he or she gains the following Skill points at each Rank.

Ranks 1 to 12[]

Rank Rifles Evasion Stealth
1 2 1 1
2 4 1 2
3 4 2 2
4 5 2 2
5 5 2 3
6 6 2 3
7 6 2 4
8 7 2 4
9 7 3 4
10 8 3 4
11 9 3 5
12 9 4 5

Ranks 13 to 24[]

Rank Rifles Evasion Stealth
13 9 4 6
14 10 4 6
15 10 5 7
16 11 5 7
17 12 5 7
18 13 5 7
19 13 5 8
20 14 5 8
21 14 6 8
22 15 6 9
23 16 6 9
24 17 6 9

Ranks 25 to 36[]

Rank Rifles Evasion Stealth
25 18 6 9
26 18 7 9
27 19 7 9
28 19 7 10
29 20 7 10
30 21 8 10
31 22 8 10
32 22 9 11
33 22 10 12
34 22 11 12
35 22 11 13
36 23 11 14


Each Job provides a series of Talents representing the special abilities granted by this specific training. As a Character progresses through Job Ranks, more and more Talents become available.

Talent combat sniper trace normal.png
Rank: 1
Bullet Trace
Weapon's Initiative

In crew combat, Crippling Rifle Attack with +10% Ranged Accuracy, +15% Armor Piercing; successful hit causes -15% Deflection, -15% Ranged Defense for 2 Turns and removes all Buffs from target

Talent combat sniper vanish normal.png
Rank: 1
Vanishing Act
8 Initiative

In crew combat, Buff yourself with +2 Initiative, +10% Armor Piercing, +25% Ranged Defense, +15% Armor, Engages Stealth Mode, +(10% + Stealth) Critical; lasts for 2 Turns, retreats 1 slot

Talent combat sniper dominanteye normal.png
Rank: 1
Dominant Eye
On Initiative

When making Initiative Roll in Crew Combat, Requires Stealth Mode active; Buff yourself with +25% Ranged Accuracy, +20% Armor Piercing, +10% Critical, +10% Ranged Defense for 3 Turns

Talent combat sniper targetacquired normal.png
Rank: 1
Target Acquired
On Initiative

When making Initiative Roll in Crew Combat, front line enemy is hindered by threat of sniper fire; -2 Initiative, -25% Ranged Defense, -10% Armor for 3 Turns

Talent combat sniper eagle normal.png
Rank: 5
Eagle Eye
8 Initiative

In crew combat, Buff yourself with +2 Initiative, +10% Ranged Accuracy, +10% Ranged Damage, +10% Critical, +25% To Resist Debuffs for 3 Turns

Talent combat sniper staggering normal.png
Rank: 5
Staggering Hit
1.5X Weapon's Initiative

In crew combat, Crippling Rifle Attack with +50% Armor Piercing, +10% Critical; successful hit causes +9 Bleeding, -20% Deflection for 2 Turns, knocks target back 1 slot; Requires Stealth Mode to use

Talent skill stealth normal.png
Rank: 5
Crafty Twist
5 weeks Cooldown

Automatically passes a failed Stealth test in any situation; including exploring, landing or during a mission

Talent combat sniper unseen normal.png
Rank: 8
Unseen Fear
12 Initiative

Threat of a hidden sniper sows terror among those in the open. front line enemy suffers terror from unseen threat; hits 2 targets and Pins Target and causes -2 Initiative, -25% Ranged Defense for 2 Turns in addition to (15 + 0 Stealth) Morale Loss

Talent boarding sniper partinggift normal.png
Rank: 8
Parting Gift
9 weeks Cooldown

After a successful Boarding, fires one final shot with deadly accuracy and kills an unlucky target; one enemy crew member dies

Talent combat sniper oneshot normal.png
Rank: 11
2X Weapon's Initiative

In crew combat, Rifle Attack with +10% Ranged Damage, +15% Armor Piercing, +55% Critical; Requires Stealth Mode to use

Talent combat sniper trickeye normal.png
Rank: 15
Trick of the Eye
On Initiative

When making Initiative Roll in Crew Combat, Buff yourself with +10% Ranged Accuracy, +10% Ranged Damage, Engages Stealth Mode, +(10% + Stealth) Critical; lasts for 3 Turns

Talent Strategy[]

Bullet Trace[]

This is a solid go-to option for when you don't have enough initiative to both attack and use stealth in a turn. It rarely one-shots a foe but has decent debuffs to allow an ally to finish off an enemy.

Vanishing Act[]

This is the only way a Sniper enters stealth until rank 15 (unless they also have ranks in Spy or Assassin which isn't recommended.) The stealth doesn't last terribly long but is incredibly powerful and allows the use of powerful talents.

Dominant Eye[]

A primarily offensive on-init talent, it is an excellent talent choice because using 18 initiative sniper rifles doesn't give you many attacks in a round; a buff that requires stealth but no action is very useful.

Target Acquired[]

This on-init talent weakens a front-line foe. The sniper is usually better served by hitting softer targets in the back two positions so this is a very situational choice but can be helpful if your strategy focuses on slaying from the front.

Eagle Eye[]

This buff is tough to use without sacrificing a valuable attack for a round. As you'll typically be using Stealth every other round, you wont have a lot of initiative to spare for this talent. However, if you do find yourself with enough initiative (or are strange enough to use a machine gun with your sniper) you'll find this talent to be an all-around strong buff.

Staggering Hit[]

This is a strong stealth attack useful for firing anytime after you activate stealth. If you use this with a sniper rifle, you will almost certainly have an initiative penalty the following turn, permitting you only a single action. However, the nearly guaranteed penetrating hit and bleeding make it a good tradeoff. This competes with One-shot for the "finishing" move role but can be used from the third position in the unfortunate event that you are pulled forward one position.

Crafty Twist[]

Your crew generally only needs a single stealth saving roll. This is typically better served by having a non-combat focused Spy learn it than your Sniper. But, if you don't have a Spy, you could learn this talent and respec later once you do.

Unseen Fear[]

This is a costly talent but can be worth it if you find yourself in the situation where your sniper (and other crew members) are having trouble hitting your foe as this talent cannot miss.

Parting Gift[]

This is identical to an Assassin talent. It is useful early in Ship Combat when the health of crew members is still quite high as it ignores how much health they have remaining.


This is the ultimate one-attack-per-turn move and is only available if you have stealth enabled. The extreme critical chance combined with the high base damage of a sniper rifle does mean it often takes a foe from full health to 0 in a single attack. It can theoretically deal less damage than Staggering Hit if the foe has an obscene amount of armor but the high penetration of sniper rifles can make that bonus redundant anyway. The obscene amount of initiative cost means it should be used last in your turn as it will definitely push you into penalty range (excepting rare circumstances where the Sniper is using a machine gun instead and has a lot of initiative.)

Trick of the Eye[]

This on initiative talent has its primary benefit in granting stealth whenever triggered. This frees up your initiative for using powerful stealth attacks every turn, even if you are constantly pushing yourself into initiative penalty!

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