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Most Skill points are granted by ranks in Jobs. In addition to their Skills granted by Jobs, most Characters have bonus points which are their natural aptitudes that are applied to their Skills in certain situations.

For example, Padovis has Rank 1 in the Gunner Job has 4 Gunnery Skill and 2 Ship Ops Skill. He also has a natural knack for pushing people around and has a Skill Bonus of +4 Intimidate. His strength and aggressive nature also grants him a Skill Bonus of +2 Blades Skill.

Skill Bonuses for Crew[]

However, while crew members have Skill Bonuses, they are not used unless the character is in Crew Combat or they are using a talent that utilizes the skill with the bonus. Therefore, for crew members, Skill Bonuses generally represent potential value over current value. Under the command of his officers, a character cannot take liberties do it his way, achieve his full potential and therefore does not contribute his Bonus Skills to the crew's Skill Pools. Another exception to talents is combat Bonus Skills, such as bonuses to Blades, Evasion, Rifles or Pistols, which are always used regardless of a character's position. Tactics and Stealth bonuses are able to be used by non-officers as well.

As a crew member, Padovis contributes his 4 Gunnery Skill whenever the crew's Skill Pool is called into action in Ship Combat because these Skill Points are granted by a Job. When a brawl in the Spice Hall starts in a Mission, Padovis does not contribute his +4 Intimidate Bonus Skill to the crew's Skill Pool because he is among the crew and not in a position of command. Later, when an enemy pirate sends a boarding crew onto his vessel, Padovis is caught in a deadly melee and must defend himself. His +2 Blades Bonus Skills are used when attacking and defending himself in melee combat.

Because Skill Bonuses are potential value for a crew member, they are one of the main criteria that a Captain may consider when deciding which crew members to promote to Officer rank. Those characters with good Traits and high Bonus Skills are prime candidates for promotion.

Skill Bonuses for Officers[]

As leaders on the ship, Officers are able to use all of their Skill Bonuses in every situation. They contribute their Skill Bonuses to all Skill Tests as well as to Crew Combat, Ship Combat and every other situation that calls upon the crew's Skill Pools.

Now promoted to an Officer, Padovis now contributes his +4 Intimidate Skill Bonus to all Skill Tests. While traveling through deep space, an Intimidation test is required to break up a fight in the galley, and Padovis' +4 Intimidate is included in the Skill Pool used for the Test. If Padovis had not been promoted to an Officer position, his Skill Bonus would not have been counted, as he would have been among the crew and not in a position of power.

Skill Bonuses for Officers with Wing Jobs[]

Officers with bonus skills will get to use them for both the normal ship's skill pools as well as their small craft skill levels.

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