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The player's ship is only the shell or chassis of the space vessel; what actually makes each player's ship unique are the components within it. Each ship comes with a limited amount of large, medium and small component slots which - with the exception of core components - players can freely replace with another component of the same size (e.g swapping a cargo bay for a weapon).

Buying & Upgrading[ | ]

Ship components can be brought and installed on any planet with an accessible Starport level 6 or above. Higher level Starports on planets with a particularly high Military rating will have the most options for you to select from.

Components cannot be added or removed - only replaced or upgraded with a component of equal size. In other words; no component slot can be left empty and you cannot store spare components. Every component you buy begins to be installed straight away but typically takes a few weeks to finish. A small component will only fit in a small slot and cannot be placed into a large slot etc. Your ship determines how many large, medium and small slots are available. If you trade in an expensive component for a significantly less expensive component, you might not have to pay anything for the trade-in other than 2,500 credits for the labor.

Ships also come with different maximum mass limits. Every component has a mass; with larger components being heavier than smaller components. The total mass of all the components on a ship cannot exceed the maximum support weight of your ship. There are components that can make your ship components lighter thereby allowing heavier components to be slotted. Higher mass components resist Cascading damage but, of course, require more available mass on your ship.

A ship must always have certain Core Components: a bridge, engine and hyper-warp drive. Ships must also include at least one cargo bay. Unlike Core Components, a cargo bay may be placed in any size slot and some unique components (like the salvage bay) count for this requirement. With the exception of Core Components, you can replace any component with any type of component of the same size. For example; you might want to swap a cargo bay with a weapon for more firepower, or replace that prisoner cell for some extra defense.

Note that some components do things outside of your ship, such as the Weapons Locker, which enables you to upgrade your crew's gear.

Component Types[ | ]

For the complete raw data set: see Ship Components Reference and Ship Components Core Reference.

Core Slots by Mass

Core Components[ | ]

Component Type Description Sub-Types
Ship comp bridge
The bridge is the command center of any ship. This is where the Captain and Officers command almost every aspect of vessel; be it engines, navigation, weapons, electronic warfare or environmental controls. Pilots and Navigators also operate from here. Also includes the Captain's Quarters. Increases required Ship Ops, Pilot, Navigation and Electronics skills needed to operate the ship.
Scout Bridge
Capital Bridge
Ship comp engine
Void Engine
Not only do the ship engines propel the vessel through space at faster than light speeds, they also supply power to every system on board the ship. Void Engines require Water-Fuel to sustain their containment field and allow their safe operation. The engine determines a vessel's Speed, Agility, fuel consumption and Reactor Points as well as increasing the required Ship Ops, Pilot and Electronics skills needed to operate the ship. Different Engines have different Safety Ratings which impact how difficult the entire ship will be to operate in the void, as well as how catastrophic failures are to the ship and crew. (All Void Engines occupy one LARGE Component slot.)
M2400 Void Engines
M3400 Void Engines
M5000 Void Engines
M6000 Void Engines
M7000 Void Engines
M8000 Void Engines
M9000 Void Engines
Ship comp hyperwarp
Hyperwarp Drive
Key to accessing the hyperwarp is the hyperwarp drive. The hyperwarp drive allows a vessel to travel vast distances between Quadrants in relatively quick time by "jumping" through Hyperwarp Gates. Each hyperwarp jump consumes fuel, with larger ships needing larger hyperwarp drives and more fuel. Increases required Navigation and Electronics skills needed to operate the ship.
M2400 Hyperwarp
M3400 Hyperwarp
M5000 Hyperwarp
M6000 Hyperwarp
M7000 Hyperwarp
M8000 Hyperwarp
M9000 Hyperwarp

Crew[ | ]

Component Type Description Sub-Types
Ship Living Quarter
Officer Quarters
A perk of being a ship officer is the guaranteed right to individual living quarter. Each ship officer requires their own space.
Officer Cabin [S]
Officer Suites [M]
Ship Living Quarter
Crew Quarters
Living quarters for the general crew; everything from the galley to shared sleeping dormitories and recreational activities. Each crew member needs their own bed.
Reinforced Barracks
Ship Medical Facility
Medical Facility
A ship's doctors or combat medics are only as good as the facilities and equipment available to them. Medical facilities on ships increase the ship's Medical Rating but increase required Ship Ops and Electronics skills needed to operate the ship. Some larger medical facilities include quarters for a medical officer.
Medical Chamber [S]
Medical Bay [M]
Medical Clinic [L]

Cargo[ | ]

Component Type Description Sub-Types
Ship Living Quarter
Passenger Quarters
Specially set aside living quarters for passengers to stay in during some missions.
Passenger Cabin
Luxury Suites
Ship Living Quarter
Prisoner Quarters
Prisoners' quarters are secure holding facilities that ensure any hostages or prisoners collected during missions never escape once they've caught them.
Prison Cell
Interrogation Cell
Ship Hold
Ship Hold
The ship hold is the dedicated storage facilities for carrying resources and a standard requirement for all ships. Available in a variety of sizes and specifications; including massive capacity for fuel storage or bonus Ship Armor. The Large slot Cargo Holds always provide a significant amount of fuel in addition to cargo storage. The medium and small components do not generally add much fuel storage.
Storage Holds [S-M]
Cargo Hold [L]

Weapons[ | ]

To see specific weapons components select [S] for small weapons components, [M] for medium weapons components and [L] for large weapons components.

Component Type Range Description
1-2 (1)
Autocannons are lightweight, close range, automatic fire kinetic projectile weapons. An autocannon fires multiple shell rounds at high velocity at hostiles. They have very low Reactor Point use; but are only effective at extremely close range. Increases required Ship Ops and Gunnery skills needed to operate the ship. Autocannons are excellent at shooting down enemy small craft.
1-3 (2)
Lances are short-to-medium range, direct energy beam weapons that fire a concentrated beam of energy at a target. Will also inflict low levels of radiation damage. Available in both small and medium size weapons; with the medium variants being optimized to cripple targets. Increases required Ship Ops, Gunnery and Electronics skills needed to operate the ship. Lances are poor at targeting small craft.
2-4 (3)
Railguns are medium range, kinetic projectile weapons. Solid metal slugs are catapulted at high speeds through the use of electromagnetic rails. This results in very stable damage, high void damage, and an above average cripple rate. Increases required Ship Ops, Gunnery and Electronics skills needed to operate the ship. Railguns are moderately good at shooting down small craft.
Plasma Cannon
Plasma Cannons
2-4 (3)
Plasma cannons are medium range burst fire plasma projectile weapons. Damage is inflicted though the use of supercharged and super-heated bolts of plasma. Will also inflict radiation damage. Plasma cannons are known for stable and reliable damage. Increases required Ship Ops, Gunnery and Electronics skills needed to operate the ship. Plasma cannons have very low accuracy versus small craft.
Gravity Driver
Gravity Drivers
1-3 (2)
Gravity drivers are short-to-medium range, heavy, kinetic projectile weapons. Drawing power from the ship's void engine, a solid metal slug is accelerated at high speed by manipulating the ship's gravitational field. Since the size and damage of the slug is only theoretically limited by the power of void engine, gravity drivers are capable of inflicting large amounts of hull damage. Gravity drivers are completely incapable of targeting small craft, even if you have components to boost overall accuracy versus small craft.
Missile Systems
3-5 (4)
Missile Systems are launchers that fires a cluster of self-propelled missiles with high explosive warheads at a medium-to-long range target. The missiles will also inflict a moderate amount of radiation damage. Generally small in weapon size (although some variants are available in medium size) with a reliable damage output. Increases required Ship Ops, Gunnery and Electronics skills needed to operate the ship. Missile systems are moderately accurate against small craft but can be intercepted by defensive interdictors.
4-5 (5)
Torpedoes are loaded from the magazines into a firing chamber aligned with the Ship's Void Engine. From there, they are launched with a tremendous amount of energy, propelling them briefly into the hyperwarp, with a successful hit resulting in the Torpedo materializing within the target before detonation. As a result of its unique method of travel, torpedoes are highly optimized to cripple hostile targets and will also inflict a moderate amount of void damage. Torpedoes are extremely accurate weapons, especially at maximum range. Increases required Ship Ops, Gunnery and Electronics skills needed to operate the ship. Torpedoes are not an excellent choice for shooting down small craft. They can be intercepted by defensive interdictors.

Combat[ | ]

Type Description Sub-Types
Ship Armoury
Weapon Locker
The armoury is a secured location in which handheld weapons and other offensive or defensive devices are stored for use by the crew. Typically these include rifles, pistols, swords and armour.
Weapon Locker [S]
Ship comp armor
Ship Armor
Installing Ship Armor plating improves the general defensive capabilities of a vessel against the dangers of space, particularly in combat. Reinforcing different parts of the ship can also require additional Ship Ops and Electronics, but can increase void damage resistance or radiation damage resistance. The cost of improved defenses is increased fuel consumption during hyperwarp jumps.
Armored Bulkheads [S]
Reinforced Structures [M]
Battle Prow [L]
Ship comp shield
Ship Shielding
Installing plating increases Ship Shield and protect the crew and the internal ship components against the dangers of space, particularly in combat. Reinforcing different parts of the ship can also increase the required Ship Ops and Electronics Ship skills. The cost of improved defenses is increased fuel consumption during hyperwarp jumps.
Deflector Array [M]
Hull Plating [L]
Ship Mass Reducer
Mass Reducer
These components reduce the mass of your ship, allowing for heavier components to be installed in other slots. The "Mass Dampeners" and "Advanced Mass Dampeners" give the highest mass reduction but harm your fuel efficiency for Hyperwarp jumps. The standard class are small components while the advanced class are for the medium slots.

Mass modulators are similar in functionality but only belong in small component slots. They aren't quite as good at reducing mass but do increase the ship's Pilot (Skill) pool by a small amount.

Mass reducers provide some mass reduction while occupying a medium slot. In return for their mediocre mass reduction capability, they enhance your Electronics pool slightly.

Specialized versions of these components do exist but they are expensive and only known to Thulun and Alta Mesa.

Mass Dampener [S]
Mass Modulator [S]
Adv Mass Dampener [M]
Mass Reducer [M]
Hangar Bay
Hangar Bay
Launch bays provide a place to house, fuel, and launch a single Small Craft. Hangar bays can be installed to provide additional storage capacity. Hangars are quite heavy, and greatly increase the cost of hyperwarp jumps. Launch bays also require increase the Ship Ops and Electronics skill requirements of the carrier.

NOTE: You must install at least one LAUNCH BAY to be able to launch craft.

Launch Bay
Hangar Bay

Ship[ | ]

Type Description Sub-Types
Ship Fuel Tank
Fuel Tank
No ship can operate without vital fuel; and this hazardous lifeblood is stored (generally in large quantity) on board in specially designed compartments. Increases required Ship Ops and Electronics skills needed to operate the ship.
Fuel Tank [S]
Fuel Tank [M]
Fuel Tank [L]
Ship Fuel Reclamation Fuel Boost (Water-Fuel Reclamation) Fuel reclamation systems help improve hyperwarp jump fuel efficiency by recycling some of the fuel that would be used by the hyperwarp drive. Increases required Ship Ops and Electronics skills needed to operate the ship. -
Ship Booster Booster (Ship Assist Modules) Ship assist modules are advance computer systems that supplements and improves the efficiency of the crew to improve the performance of the ship overall. Assist modules also reduce the fuel needed for hyperwarp jumps. Increases required Electronics and either Pilot or Navigation skills needed to operate the ship. Pilot Assist Module 1/2/3/4
Nav Assist Module 1/2/3/4
Ship comp spikes Booster (Reactor Spike Module) Add Fuel Capacity -
Ship Booster Booster (ECCM Screen Matrix) Long-range electronic warfare increases chance to avoid void weapons, enemy craft and escape ship combat -
Ship comp boosters aggro Booster (Targeting Matrix) Assisted fire-control system augments ship accuracy, speed of firing and ability to track and hit small craft
Ship Booster Booster (Peak Velocity Matrix) Dedicated system to handling extreme speeds increases chance to change range and board enemy ships. This unusual booster occupies a medium slot. -
Ship Sensors Sensor Array Sensors provide Gunners and the ship's computer with additional targeting data, allowing them to fire weapons with greater accuracy. Outside of combat, sensors greatly assist Pilots and Navigators in flying the ship through space. Increases required Navigation and Electronics skills needed to operate the ship. Add +% Accuracy -
Ship Booster Booster (Boarding Assault System) Increases required Ship Ops and Pilot skills needed to operate the ship. Adds Boarding dice (more reliable boarding, and increases the chance of boarding crucial components like the Bridge or Engines.) -
Ship Booster Booster (Defence Pattern Matrix) Modification to the computer matrix improves the ship's defences. The side affect however is increased fuel consumption for hyperwarp jumps. Increases required Ship Ops, Pilot and Electronics skills needed to operate the ship. Add +% Defense -
Ship Booster Booster (Interlocking Sensor Matrix) Modification to the computer matrix through the installation of additional sensors result in better weapon damage output and critical hit rate. The side affect however is increased fuel consumption for hyperwarp jumps. Increases required Electronics skill needed to operate the ship. Add +% Damage, +% Critical and Jump Cost -
Ship Booster Booster (Shield Pulse) Shield pulse boosters modifies the ships defences to improve ship armor and to resist against specific damage types. A side-effect, however, is increased fuel consumption for hyperwarp jumps. Add Resistance, +% Armor and Jump Cost Radi-Shield Pulse Booster
Void-Shield Pulse Booster
Ship Booster Booster (C-Tak Interceptor System) High-speed evasion module that helps to avoid incoming small craft attacks and reduces void damage. These are the strongest components in terms of directly increasing dodge versus interdictor and bomber attacks.

Operations[ | ]

Component Type Description Sub-Types
Exploration Sensor Exploration Sensor Ship scanners are specialised sensors for ground scanning and compliments standard ship sensors to increase data records when exploring.

Scanner Surface Scanner Wide-Arc Scanner

Ship comp exocrawler Exploration Crew Protection Dedicated specialised exploration equipment makes exploring safer for the crew or ship.

L-Support Rover
Exo-Crawler Matchweave EVA Suits

Exploration Ship Protection Exploration Ship Protection Whilst all ships are generally protected against the dangers of deep space, the conditions found within and near planets and other stellar objects can be very different. By installing additional protective plating, ship damage can reduced when exploring patrolling, spying and blockading.

Weather Seals
Radiation Seals Eva Airlock

Ship Mining Equipment Exploration Mining Dedicated specialised mining equipment will increasing the efficiency of locating, extracting and transporting both raw and refined resources whilst exploring - resulting in increase yield and no doubt increase profits. Extraction Drill
Harvester Bay
Orbital Ops Sensor Orbital Ops Sensor Ship signal arrays are specialised sensors for covertly intercepting transmissions and compliments standard ship sensors to increase data records when spying.

Signal Array Dual-Arc Signal Array Triple-Arc Signal Array

Ship Fuel Reclamation Orbital Ops Fuel Reclamation Reduce the fuel cost of patrolling, spying and blockading.

Orbital Fuel Scoop 1/2/3/4

Orbital Ops Crew Protection Orbital Ops Crew Protection Reduce crew damage in patrolling, spying and blockading.

EVA Deck 1/2/3 Ferrochromium Plating Centurium Radiation Array Magnatech Plating

Orbital Ship Protection Orbital Ops Ship Protection Reduce ship damage in patrolling, spying and blockading.

Duranium Coating Ferrochromium Mesh Iridlaentine Weave

Orbital Ops Salvage Orbital Ops Salvage Increases Credit Rewards during Orbital salvage; Stores Cargo and Add fuel Capacity Salvage Bay 1/2/3/4
Note: Components in one category are used one at a time; multiple components in same category will not stack. However, since these devices take damage upon use, having multiple components in a category can be useful if the first is disabled due to damage or use.

Faction Unique Components[ | ]

Component Faction
Fuel-Cargo Hold 4 De Valtos
Fuel-Cargo Hold 5 De Valtos
Battle Launch Bay De Valtos
Grand Lux Suites De Valtos
ECCM Screen Matrix 4 De Valtos
EVA Deck 4 De Valtos
Quad-Goltha Scanner De Valtos
M7000 Void Engine: Behemoth Cadar
M8000 Warhammer Hyperwarp Drive Cadar
Battle Prow 4 Cadar
Battle Prow 5 Cadar
Interlocking Sensor Matrix 4 Cadar
Cerulean Tri-Arc Cadar
Shielded Barracks 4 Cadar
Stealth Scout Bridge 5 Rychart
M6000 Void Engine: Behemoth Rychart
Sig Veil Field Rychart
Depth Scanner Omega Rychart
Depth Scanner Omega-X Rychart
Multi-Signal Array Rychart
Peak Velocity Matrix 4 Rychart
Quad-Goltha Scanner Rychart
Redlight Goltha Scanner Rychart
Redlance Goltha Scanner Rychart
Quturaan Phase Inflector 3 Rychart
M9000 Warhammer Hyperwarp Drive Thulun
Orbital Fuel Scoop 3 Thulun
Orbital Fuel Scoop 4 Thulun
Orbital Fuel Scoop 5 Thulun
Lion Mass Reducer 4 Thulun
Armorer Cargo Hold 4 Thulun
Salvage Bay 4 Thulun
Salvage Bay 5 Thulun
Armorered Salvage Bay 5 Thulun
Tactician's Annex Thulun
Advanced Hangar Bay Thulun
Interlocking Sensor Matrix 5 Thulun
Katteduun Phase Inflector 4 Thulun
M3400 Void Engine: Behemoth Javat
M3400 Performance Hyperwarp Drive Javat
Hauler Hold Javat
Hull Plating 4 Javat
Hull Plating 5 Javat
Resource Processor Javat
Javat Mechi-Reaper Javat
Defense Pattern Matrix 4 Javat
Water-Fuel Reclamation 2 Javat
Water-Fuel Reclamation 3 Javat
Water-Fuel Reclamation 4 Javat
Scout-Vanguard Bridge 5 Steel Song
Hyperion Exo-Suits Steel Song
Interrogation Chamber Steel Song
Interrogation Ward Steel Song
Boarding Assault System 4 Steel Song
Railtrak Guidance Matrix 4 Steel Song
Warden's Annex Steel Song
M9000 Void Engine: Behemoth Moklumnue
M9000 Performance Hyperwarp Drive Moklumnue
Capital Freighter Bridge 5 Moklumnue
Cargo Hold 5 Moklumnue
Targeting Matrix Moklumnue
Capital Carrier Bridge 5 Alta Mesa
Scout-Skirmish Bridge 5 Alta Mesa
M3400 Warhammer Hyperwarp Drive Alta Mesa
M8000 Void Engine: Behemoth Alta Mesa
Warhawk Launch Bay Alta Mesa
Mesa Radiate-Seal Alta Mesa
Hawk Mass Reducer 4 Alta Mesa
Navigation Annex Alta Mesa
Reinforced Fuel Tank Alta Mesa
Reinforced Fuel Pod Alta Mesa
Joint Precision Launch System 3 Alta Mesa
M8000 Performance Hyperwarp Drive Zenrin
Compact Capital Bridge 4 Zenrin
Scout-Hauler Bridge 5 Zenrin
Armored Officer Suites Zenrin
Engineering Annex Zenrin
Reinforced Structures 5 Zenrin
Fuel Helix Coil 4 Zenrin
Fuel Helix Coil 5 Zenrin
Armorerd Bulkheads 5 Zenrin
C-Tak Interceptor System 4 Zenrin

Use the in-game filter of the Starport ship upgrade screen to see the latest and complete up to date list of faction specific components. Simply select the "multi-faction" flag from the filter menu to view the list. Please note that you will not be able to install the component unless you are on the appropriate faction's world, and other requirements may apply.