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Icon job pistoleer.png
Type Fighter
Acquisition Contacts
Military >5
Primary Skill Pistols
Secondary Skill Evasion

Combining mobility and light weaponry, a pistoleer is a mid-range combatant capable of carrying an off-hand blade, or focusing on withering small arms fire.


As a character advances in the Pistoleer Job, he or she gains the following Skill points at each Rank.

Ranks 1 to 12[]

Rank Pistols Evasion
1 3 1
2 4 3
3 5 3
4 5 4
5 6 4
6 7 4
7 8 4
8 8 5
9 9 5
10 10 5
11 11 6
12 12 6

Ranks 13 to 24[]

Rank Pistols Evasion
13 12 7
14 13 7
15 14 8
16 14 9
17 15 9
18 16 9
19 17 9
20 17 10
21 18 10
22 19 11
23 20 11
24 20 12

Ranks 25 to 36[]

Rank Pistols Evasion
25 20 13
26 21 13
27 22 13
28 23 13
29 24 13
30 25 14
31 26 14
32 27 15
33 28 16
34 29 16
35 29 17
36 30 18


Each Job provides a series of Talents representing the special abilities granted by this specific training. As a Character progresses through Job Ranks, more and more Talents become available.

Talent pistoleer unloadingfire normal.png
Rank: 1
Close-Range Barrage
Weapon's Initiative

In crew combat, Crippling Pistol Attack with +25% Ranged Damage; successful hit causes -25% Melee Accuracy, -25% All Damage, -10% Critical Chance for 3 Turns

Talent pistoleer pinningshot normal.png
Rank: 1
Pinning Shot
Weapon's Initiative

In crew combat, Crippling Pistol Attack; successful hit Pins Target and causes -20% Melee Defense, -20% Ranged Defense, -10% Armor for 2 Turns

Talent pistoleer flashingsteel normal.png
Rank: 1
Raining Steel
On Initiative

When making Initiative Roll in Crew Combat, Buff yourself with +3 Initiative, +15% Ranged Damage, +15% Critical for 3 Turns (requires pistol)

Talent pistoleer fadingshot normal.png
Rank: 1
Fading Shot
Weapon's Initiative

In crew combat, Pistol Attack, retreats 1 slot. Successful attack Buffs yourself with +25% Ranged Accuracy, +20% Armor for 3 Turns

Talent pistoleer aimedshot normal.png
Rank: 1
Aimed Focus
6 Initiative

In crew combat, Buff yourself with +25% Ranged Accuracy, +25% All Damage, +10% Critical for 3 Turns, Restores (10 + 0 Evasion) Morale

Talent combat pistoleer trickshot normal.png
Rank: 5
Tricky Gunplay
2X Weapon's Initiative

In crew combat, Crippling Pistol Attack causes -6 Initiative, +3 Bleeding, -20% Deflection for 2 Turns

Talent combat pistoleer stance normal.png
Rank: 5
Dueler's Stance
6 Initiative

In crew combat, Removes all Debuffs; Buff yourself with +20% Deflection, +25% Melee Defense, +25% Ranged Defense, +50% To Resist Debuffs for 3 Turns (requires pistol)

Talent combat pistolleer terrifyingacc normal.png
Rank: 8
Terrifying Accuracy
Weapon's Initiative

In crew combat, Crippling Pistol Attack causes +5 Bleeding, -25% Ranged Defense for 3 Turns and removes all Buffs from target

Talent combat pistoleer advance normal.png
Rank: 8
Advancing Front
Weapon's Initiative

In crew combat, Pistol Attack with +10% Ranged Damage, +20% Armor Piercing, +35% Critical, advances 1 slot

Talent combat pistoleer rapid normal.png
Rank: 11
Rapid Fire
2X Weapon's Initiative

In crew combat, Crippling Pistol Attack hits 2 targets causes +5 Bleeding, -10% Deflection for 2 Turns

Talent pistoleer exposed normal.png
Rank: 11
Exposed Shot
Weapon's Initiative

In crew combat, Pistol Attack with +30% Ranged Accuracy, -20% Ranged Damage, +15% Armor Piercing. Successful attack Debuffs yourself with -10% Melee Defense, -10% Ranged Defense for 2 Turns

Talent pistoleer confound normal.png
Rank: 15
Confounding Gunplay
1.5X Weapon's Initiative

In crew combat, Crippling Pistol Attack with +15% Ranged Accuracy, +10% Ranged Damage; successful hit causes 50% Stun to target and causes -10% All Accuracy for 3 Turns

Talent Strategy[]

Close-Range Barrage[]

This talent is a serious option for front-line Pistoleers. It helps them shut down enemy blade users to make up for their own weak defenses against blades. If you aren't planning on having a Pistoleer in the first position, you probably don't need this talent. Coupled with other debuffing talents from other jobs, this talent can shut down enemy offense enough to make a front-line pistoleer a viable option. The bonus damage is significant if you're equipping stronger pistols, making this a good go-to replacement for your basic attack so long as you're in position and are ok targeting one of the front two positions.

Pinning Shot[]

This is a useful talent you can select immediately with a new recruit. It has a handy debuff but importantly doesn't force you to change positions or limit you to firing from position 1. More advanced tactics will actually make use of the pinning effect.

Raining Steel[]

This is an alternative for a first talent to pick that won't force you out of firing position by using it. It competes with other on init talents.

Fading Shot[]

Fading Shot is an incredibly powerful talent, espeically if you have heavy armor equipped. The problem is that initially the Pistoleer has no options to move forward without wasting a lot of initiative. Thus, this talent is best acquired once you have Advancing Front learned or have other combatants with good movement talents.

Aimed Focus[]

This talent gives a mighty offensive buff for a small initiative cost. It also restores some morale if it happens to not be full. The tradeoff here is that lighter pistols' attacks cost the same amount of initiative as this talent. So you're trading an attack for a buff. If you are using heavier pistols, this suddenly becomes an extremely powerful option.

Tricky Gunplay[]

This talent is as tricky, much like it states! Due to its high initiative cost, it is best used when using it would push your initiative to a negative value not lower than -9 so you don't waste your entire turn and you don't hit an initiative penalty the next turn. The ideal use of this talent is in robbing a foe of their turn such as when they have between 1 and 6 initiative. The bleeding is almost negligible but the deflection penalty can be useful.

Dueler's Stance[]

This is the defensive counterpart to Aimed Focus. It clears debuffs and gives a slew of defensive buffs. This is a useful talent to use on a hybrid Combat Medic/Pistoleer that is likely to be targeted by the enemy.

Terrifying Accuracy[]

This talent is useful for any kind of damage-over-time build. It is also helpful as it allows an attack from the front two positions and doesn't cause you to retreat or advance. The dodge penalty is no joke if you have a ranged attacker in your group with low accuracy. This is also a valuable talent for removing enemy buffs, which matters more if you aren't using another job with buff-removal talents.

Advancing Front[]

This is an excellent talent to use if you already have Fading Shot to permit mobility in both directions. The offensive bonuses of this attack are pretty massive so being able to use it repeatedly in a crew combat can be intensely powerful. Alternatively, this is a useful talent for a front-line pistoleer to get back into position after being knocked back while still putting out reliable damage.

Rapid Fire[]

This talent is best used like the Soldiers Full Auto talent -- a way to finish off two weakened foes at the end of a combat round. The high initiative cost makes leading with this attack a sub-optimal choice, despite the considerable damage-over-time element. However, the bleeding can sometimes finish off foes the base damage fails to before the next round begins. The deflection penalty isn't large enough to be considered a primary motivation for using this talent but it certainly doesn't weaken it.

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