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De Valtos Syndicate
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"Everything Has a Price."
Zone Bonus
+4 Icon prop credits Economy
+2 Icon prop starport Starport
You need to spend money to make money.
~ De Valtos Proverb

De Valtos is known for its influence and wealth, secured through its manufacturing expertise and extensive trade network. Within its meritocracy, positions of leadership are open to those who, through running a successful company, prove they can provide for themselves and their cohort. Within the Syndicate, the accumulation of great wealth is often the most direct path to accumulating power and taking positions of leadership. De Valtos leaders prize generosity and will publicly shower others with gifts to show the depths of their pockets and hearts.

The scions of De Valtos are focused and professional, yet charming. They highly value classical education—in the arts of diplomacy, finance, and swordplay. They seldom value wealth for its own sake, despite what outsiders may think, and will show more respect to newly built wealth than to inherited fortune. They have high expectations and are willing to spend to get or create the best; their high standard of living often surprises the scions of other Factions.

In the Farfallen Rim, the De Valtos have won the right to operate the Syndicate Core, one of the richest worlds in all the known quadrants.

Reputation Maximums[]

Selling Intel, faction maximum: 30 Reputation

Once your Reputation reaches 30 with De Valtos, you will no longer gain faction Reputation from selling Intel to faction Contacts.

Selling Intel, Contact maximum: 50 Personal Reputation

Once your Personal Reputation with a particular Contact exceeds 50, you will no longer gain Personal Reputation for selling Intel to him or her.

Selling Rare Trade Goods, faction maximum: 60 Reputation

Once your Reputation reaches 60 with De Valtos, you will no longer gain faction Reputation for selling Rare Trade Goods originating from a De Valtos quadrant.

Faction Ships[ | ]

Faction Ship Components (full list with specs here)

  • Fuel-Cargo Hold 4
  • Fuel-Cargo Hold 5
  • Battle Launch Bay
  • Grand Lux Suites
  • ECCM Screen Matrix 4
  • EVA Deck 4
  • Quad-Goltha Scanner

Special Rules[ | ]

With the latest medical tech available to all citizens, cost of healing at De Valtos clinics is reduced by 20%.

Classically trained in formal swordplay, Swordsmen hired from De Valtos Spice Halls or Contacts will have bonus attributes compared to other recruits.